Cycle skills instruction



MTB Skills Tuition




Introduction to Mountain Biking


You will learn all of the basic skills necessary to ride safely in “off road” environments; braking on various surfaces, gear selection, body positioning on the bike, line choice, climbing and descending technique. During the day you will also learn how to repair various mechanical faults that may happen on the trail and how to choose the correct equipment and clothing for the type of terrain you are riding.



Intermediate Mountain Biking


This course is for those of you who already have knowledge of the above skills but now want to become confident with more technical terrain and manoeuvres. The course will include steep climbs and descents, log hops, riding over rocks, drop offs and small jumps. We will talk about line choice dependant on speed and the type of bike you have, safety equipment and what you should carry with you in your rucksack.



Advanced Mountain Biking


This is the course for good riders who want to be able to ride confidently on any terrain that you may find in the UK and Europe.  We will check your current skill level and then proceed to develop  your technical skills accordingly;  Technical steep climbs, technical descents over roots and rocks, line choice, drop offs and jumps are all covered. Consideration to safety is foremost (to make sure you get home in one piece) so we cover Route choice, Navigation, Route cards and what's in your Rucksack plus any other skills you might want to look at.